There Are NO Problems With Being Gluten-Free, And Here Is Why?

why this is a problem, and how it can be solved

One major problem for people on Gluten-Free, diets is all of the hate for them. So many people are coming out with articles and opinions on how these diets are a “huge fad” and “are actually harming you”.

Both of these reasons are valuable opinions, but are ultimately wrong. It is not fair to attack diets in which some people do not have a choice or not to follow. There are severe symptoms for many people that occur when they ingest gluten. I am going to take this article to be able explain why this is a problem, and how it can be solved.

Celebrities like Miley Cyrus

Celebrities like Miley Cyrus, Katy Perry, Gwyneth Paltrow, and more have all hopped on the gluten-free diet for the reason that they want to lose weight or be healthier.

This has raised a lot of conspiracy as to if it is just a fad due to pop culture.

There is no doubt that not eating gluten can lead to an individual losing weight, since gluten is much more heavy and harder to digest than the alternatives, so other people believe that it is just a way for celebrities to get skinny fast.

It also does not help that a lot of these celebrities went without gluten for a short amount of time, then gave up on it.

Celebrities avoiding gluten

Many people have come about with backlash from some celebrities avoiding gluten, but there are plenty of celebrities with actual medical conditions that do not allow them to eat gluten.

For example, Zooey Deschanel has Celiac Disease and Victoria Beckham has a gluten sensitivity.

Even if celebrities are not ingesting gluten for a medical condition, or they just try it for a short while, it still raises awareness to more serious diseases or intolerances.

This lowers the risk of symptoms for people who have a condition or intolerance, since they would be more aware that gluten causes problems.

Awareness also increased

Not only this, but the awareness also increased the number of gluten-free products on the shelves as well as the menu modifications at popular restaurants.

This makes it easier for people on this diet to eat whenever and wherever they want! Not only this, but many people follow celebrities like it is their religion.

Some celebrities saying that they are on this diet makes people seem like that they are not alone in this diet.

The myth is that some parts of gluten, like wheat, rye, and barley, contains certain vitamins, iron, whole grains, and other nutrients that are needed in a daily diet.

Even though this is true, it does not mean that the gluten-free diet itself is a horrible idea and is necessarily bad for your body.

It all depends on the way you round your diet. An individual needs to be diverse with their food choices, to be able to get all of the nutrients they need.

Eating a well-rounded diet while being gluten-free is not hard with enough resources to choose from. For example, whole grains are a common ingredient in Cheerios cereal, which is also gluten-free. Surprisingly, common food has a lot of nutrients that people need in their daily diet. People just have to look out there for resources such as cookbooks, health and lifestyle magazines,

and certified internet sites that have more information on how gluten-free diets can be just as healthy as to when people do not ingest gluten.

For both of these problems, I know the solution. I believe that people need to have more knowledge about gluten-free diets.

I cannot even count on my hands how many times when I tell someone that I am gluten-free, that they respond saying “what even is gluten?”

Not many people know what a gluten-free diet consists of. This can be solved by many different reasons. One reason is teaching about gluten-free diets in school. In health class, we used to learn about the food pyramids and other nutritional aspects.

It would help to learn about other allergies and intolerance, but especially gluten, because of the overwhelming increase of the amount of people that are not able to have gluten.

Teaching Students

By teaching students in school aspects on gluten-free diets, one can also teach about medical conditions that do not allow the ingestion of gluten.

That also includes Celiac Disease and intolerance, and can teach the severity of what symptoms would occur if they were to ingest gluten.

I know that it might take a long time for this to happen in schools, but it is a great idea on how to start teaching allergies in school to learn about how common they actually are, and how kids are not alone when they are allergic to something.

Whether you are a celebrity or not, being gluten-free is a completely normal diet. It does not matter that there is backlash from it just being a trend, or if some people say that it hurts your body more than helps it. The solution to both of these is always going to be to have those people understand the topic more. People with more knowledge of gluten and the gluten-free diet helps everyone understand the medical conditions or intolerance that usually come with it.

On the other hand, if it is not one of those reasons, then people can learn to accept that the gluten-free diet is just something that people want to try for many different reasons, as long as they follow a healthy diet along with it.

For more information on gluten-free diets, check out the rest of my blog for more reviews, posts, and more. There are so many resources to check out, both on my blog and on the Internet. Comment below what you think of these problems and solutions to gluten-free diets.

See you next time!

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