What porosity and thickness mean for your hair

porosity and thickness mean for your hair, At the point when hair experts talk about porosity, they mean your hair’s capacity to absorb dampness. On the off chance that your hair is exceptionally permeable, it’s anything but a lot of openings in its surface layer, called the fingernail skin.

What porosity and thickness mean for your hair
What porosity and thickness mean for your hair


You may have normally permeable hair, or synthetic and warmth handling may have made your hair more permeable than it typically would be. Those openings in the fingernail skin permit your hair to retain more dampness. In the event that the environment where you reside is damp, your hair may will in general frizz. That is because the fingernail skin is drawing soddenness from the air.

permeable hair additionally retains saturating items well

Fortunately, A wide scope of items, from leave-in conditioners to rich spreads, can seal the openings and make your hair simpler to oversee.

Your hair that is less porous is generally taut and exposed to moisture,

Regardless of whether this is environmental volatility or compound handling.

The dull your hair

To keep away from item development that could overload and dull your hair, wash with an explaining cleanser week after week and pick lighter items, similar to hair kinds of milk and mousses, to make volume.

utilize a blow dryer

You may find that items work better in the event that you utilize a blow dryer. The glow can open up the tight fingernail skin and grant soddenness to spill in.

Hair porosity test

  • A few strands of your hair in a bowl of water.
  • After a couple of moments, investigate.
  • Hair that buoys have low porosity. Hair that sinks has high porosity.


Hair thickness implies the quantity of hairs on your head. On the off chance that you can’t see your scalp obviously, you presumably have thick hair. In the event that you can see your scalp even without separating your hair, you presumably have low hair thickness.

thickness can be influenced by various components

Your hair’s thickness can be influenced by various components, including pressure, chemicals during pregnancy or menopause, and nourishment. It’s a smart thought to check out the items you’re utilizing if your hair thickness has changed.

Hefty items can straighten low-thickness hair

Search for surface showers and light mousses to add volume and lift. High thickness hair can profit with thicker creams and spreads to add sparkle and control.

Discover your hair mate

Any place you are on your hair venture, others have most likely been there previously, as well.  

Quite possibly the most supportive thing you can do is utilize web-based media to discover and follow somebody whose hair type is like yours. Attempt items they suggest. Use strategies that worked for them. You’ll set aside time and cash and track down a strong local area

The primary concern

Hair type is about your hair’s twist design. Type 1 hair is straight. Type 2 is best depicted as wavy. Type 3 wavy hair and type 4 wavy hair. You may have various role plans on different parts of your head.

What porosity and thickness mean for your hair
What porosity and thickness mean for your hair

To keep twists sound, fun, and characterized

you’ll need to try different things with items to discover the ones that turn out best for your hair. The curlier and more permeable your hair is, the more probable you are to require serious, ordinary saturating to keep it solid.

you don’t know where to begin

In case, counsel an expert who spends significant time on your kind of hair, or follow somebody with your hair type via online media.

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