A Vital Scripture Decoded

A vital, disjointed Bible, the Bible, as indicated,
Mainly related to the study of the brain – guidance in the most efficient way;
To enhance intellectual abilities to their fullest potential,
Noteworthy both profoundly and ethically.

For this result – while figuratively presented –
It manages to reconcile the designs of unconscious receptive ideas,
The ‘Shroud’ occurs, restoring idle consciousness along these lines at the low power of our being,
Referred to in the Bible as entering the land secured.

A Vital Scripture Decoded
A Vital Scripture Decoded

All in all, what is A Vital Scripture Decoded?

Because of this smothered mental state, man is said to utilize just a small amount of his full mental/imaginative potential. This small amount of ‘usable’ mind is perceived to be almost one 10th subsequently leaving a significant asset of a lot of cognizances undiscovered, along these lines lacking.

At commonsense level

this controlling 10th dynamic guarantees the other nine-tenths of cognizance likely excess lowered and out of otherworldly commission – hence cognizant mindfulness is through the acquired psyche designs.


is a coded articulation forgive up of this ‘being used’ 10th: give up of the psychological cycles absorbing the inner mind content under law.

to grow the cognizant limit of the brain

Accordingly, take out subliminal substance – we should give up or tithe the controlling psyche outlooks and thought designs held set up by profound leftover pressure. Giving consequently at another level is additionally giving up of stress – the products of the lower astuteness – to God, peacefully reflection.

Giving up

the 10th is representative of acquiring 0 – fulfillment – of duplicating 10 to acquire 100 subsequently setting off the law of augmentation. As such, by giving up the cognizant 10% part of the psyche, it expands 100 overlays to 100%, in this manner development of awareness and full intellectual ability.

doesn’t actually matter

In this way, regardless of whether we say 10 or one 10th, doesn’t actually matter, for both draw in 0: both make one 10th into 10, or 10 into 100 [percent] meaning the completely incorporated soul.

By giving inside – reflection – we get inside cognizance

Violating liberated from this subliminal law [of mind] subsequently lies in TITHING WITHIN, giving up the naturally introduced to adapted inner self/acumen – the one 10th – along these lines reclamation of the lowered nine-tenths, recovery of soul or, returning reckless child. To this result, giving is giving up our pressure subordinate mental movement unto inward quietness, quiet and tranquility; which implies unrestricted non-contribution with our interests, stresses, wants and fears. A relinquishing past, present, future, to incorporate accomplishments, cultural status, and assumptions.

The quick cognizance

This is the means by which cognizance gets quick otherworldly favors, gets ‘discharge’ from fleshly brain subjugation, from consequently repeating ‘sin’.

Customary day-by-day reflection

creates expanded otherworldly mindfulness in this manner building up perpetual freedom of soul from the subjugation zone of subliminal law.

It ends up being unmistakable now

that, no measure of external giving of cash, to any individual or spot, can achieve internal delivery from the hold of subliminal law, other than inward giving – of thoroughly giving up ‘our 10th’ in contemplation.

‘our 10th’ in contemplation.

  • Practice for internal giving contemplation.
  • Sit upstanding on an agreeable seat. Palms open on lap – eyes tenderly shut..
  • Delay quickly to focus the mindfulness between the eyebrows. Notice the quiet idea of this respite.
  • Gradually carry this interruption attention to the two nostrils. Notice the inflowing and outflowing breath through the two nostrils at the same time.
  • Watch the nostrils in an isolated way.
  • Let breathing ‘happen’ past our cognizant doing.

As breathing extends

lessens in adequacy – transient contemplations will enter the brain. This is ordinary in reflection. Like the nostrils, basically witness the contemplations impartially without clicking their connections, which ‘clicking’ serves just to re-trigger the ‘cover’ – the one 10th – back into it.

A Vital Scripture Decoded
A Vital Scripture Decoded

there is a gap between each

Notice, however. Extending or developing this Gap dissolves profound remaining pressure, de-erodes, and decontaminates the psychological systems, accordingly taking into consideration supernatural encountering. The Gap – made by watching nostrils and musings – grows mindfulness into the consistently wonderful Present Moment – our methods unto wellbeing, joy, normal free-streaming bliss, and COVID insusceptibility.

Be patient and realize

that every reflection – including restarts and stops – addresses further profound development on our spirit’s vertical excursion unto Wholeness, unto interminable Pure Consciousness. ย Working from ten to twenty minutes twice day by day would be great. ย Leviticus 27-30 NIV interpretation: rewording in sections.

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